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Yellow app

Yellow - Paz

Mobile app, commerce site

In 2018, I co-designed an app for Yellow-Paz, and lead the design for the company’s commercial mobile website.
Our team from Ama Digital worked with the client to create a business strategy, followed by UX ad UI for the mobile app which included creating a new visual identity, tone of voice, illustrations, and animations. 

New digital products


Research and strategy 
When we started working on the client's first project, the mobile app - we were asked to think of it as the first product that will define the company’s new digital approach. That's why the research and strategy steps were extensive and included fieldwork, interviews, internal brainstorming, and client meetings. We ended up with basic guidelines for visual appearance, copy and tone, and business goals.    

The app

Once the basic strategy was set, we started working on the mobile app. We aimed to create an app that would keep the easy-going, funny ad unique approach the brand has, but make sure we don't compromise the usability ad accessibility. 

Made you smile

Many of the artistic choices we took, were meant to set the general tone to be clear, happy, not-so-serious, and delightful. That's why we changed the original yellow that the company used to a lighter, digital version, and used it in large areas. We supported these elements with sub colors, icons, and animations. ​

Brand character  

One of the first main discussions we had was how to represent the brand's character - the goat. This goat appeared in print and TV ads as a real animal, with a distinct attitude. We decided to create a flat illustrated version of her and worked with several illustrators until we got to a figure that we felt preserves the original character's spirit. Then, we made it alive by adding micro-animations.  

Reliable and financially rewarding

Alongside the light tone, our goal was to make sure the app feels safe, and the user trusts it while using it for purchase, or when adding personal information. To do that, we used clean, form-based flows, with clear subtext and icons. 
We created a new visual and copy set for the reward plan, with different forms of reflecting information about how much money the user saved, and is able to use.

Commerce site

While the engineers are working on the app, we started designing the commercial site. I lead the UI for this mobile-first project. The site allowed the user to do her shopping online, then pick it up in a Paz gas station of her choice. 
We used the visual language defined in the app and adjusted it to fit a responsive web platform and a commercial environment.

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