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Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

Responsive website 

In 2016 Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality introduced a new website. For the first time, the city's website gathered information, publication, and interactive forms for everyone interested in the greatest city in the world - visitors, residents, and businesses. I was a part of the strategy and design team from Aman Digital, and lead the UI for some of the sub-projects.  
The main challenge in this large-scale project was finding the best solution for areas that are completely different - from selling to the general public, to getting tax information, and enrolling your kid in school. 

This project included creating an updated digital visual identity, adapting to mobile, and other responsive interfaces, and creating icons, illustrations, and complex forms. 

All in one place 

The new Tel-Aviv-Yafo website was designed to be the home for every service and piece of information the municipality has to offer or share. Since that's a lot, the UX team created a new home page, that welcomes the user and helps her, based on her profile (resident, visitor, business owner) navigate to find exactly what she needs.   

Responsive and interactive

The old website wasn't responsive, and that was one of the major pain points we heard about from users. The second was that many services weren’t available online, and people had to call or visit the municipality in order to get them. these two were addressed in the new website and were at the highest priority.

Live streaming, updated information

As expected from a city that doesn’t sleep - the new website contained a live stream (which wasn’t a popular feature at the time), from cameras located at the city's beaches, and showed real-time information on the current weather. Other live features included messages and alerts area, updated hourly.

Color coding  

We used 3 main colors, derived from the municipality's logo, to represent the 3 main areas of the site. We added sub colors and used them in forms, icons, and more. This helped users recognize and navigate through the different areas of the site.

Complex forms and tables

Another challenge we faced in this project, was handling a big amount of information and presenting it in a way that is user-friendly across all devices. Some of the practices we used in solving that, were highlighting the main subject and creating links and tooltips for extra information, adding smart filtering and a search bar to all complex tables, and making it easy to get contact details wherever a place or a name was mentioned.

Other apps and products

Following this project, the municipality later launched 2 new mobile apps and updated many of its websites. The main website also got a new look since it was first launched, and is still keeping its main principle of being clear, user friendly, and easy to navigate and use.

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