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Bank of Jerusalem


Bank of Jerusalem

Responsive Site, Digital loan, Digital mortgage, and more

Bank of Jerusalem leads a digital banking concept and is one of the first to launch fully digital processes such as applying for mortgages, asking for a loan, and opening an account. Along with a team from Aman Digital, I worked on different projects for this client over a period of 2 years. I led and co-designed multi-platform products, and mentored fellow designers on the team.

Loan process - building the flow 

The first project I worked on, was creating a fully digital process for customers asking for a loan. The flow is complex, and requires a number of steps, but doesn’t require any printing or face-to-face meetings. When building the flow, the UX team decided to start with the basic information, and ask for it in a clear, direct form. Only then, if qualified, continue to the personal information, built as a form. 
This structure benefits both the client (inviting, easy first steps attracts more users and reduces blocks and fears) and the client (efficient, time-saving screening process)

Recognizable, playful, trustworthy 

The visual concept I created for this flow uses the brand's lead color (ochre), and keeps a clean, yet warm atmosphere. These two principles were crucial for creating a serious, trustworthy interface while maintaining the cozy, familial feel that matches the company’s Characteristics. 

In order to make the flow user-friendly and inviting, we decided to add icons and playfulness and divide the long form into structured steps. We added a navigation bar, for a better sense of orientation, and added motivational notes along the way.

Adapting to other products

This graded method of playful > complex form has proven to be very effective. The completion rate was high, and it created many leads (potential new users). This method, and the visual identity I created for the loan process, were later adapted to other digital products such as the main website and digital mortgage flow. 

Logged in user view
New digital brand book

Part of our work with the Bank of Jerusalem included creating a digital strategy and adaptation to digital formats. The existing brand book the bank had at that time supported mostly printed, marketing materials. We created a new brand book, with digital-ready assets, colors, and guidelines.

We defined the colors, imagery, illustration, and interaction. A copy expert who joined the team created a voice and tone guide, and an animator created many delightful animations and transitions.

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