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Bank Hapoalim

Private accounts app

In 2019, Bank Hapoalim (Israel's largest bank) launched a new personal-banking app.

I lead the visual identity and design implementation process. The final product is a result of months of hard work, that started with extensive research, followed by building a strategy, conducting user interviews and workshops, creating a visual language, and finally - the detailed design. The design work included detailed screens and elements, animations, illustrations, and micro-copy.  
This was a result of a collaboration of UX/UI team from Aman Digital, and the Bank's studio (innovation center)

End to end process 


The Goal
Designing a new app for Bank Hapoalim, that will optimize the customer's interaction with the bank and will support the business strategy. 

The challenge

Bank Hapoalim was one of the first banks to launch a mobile app, and by 2018 it had over 1 million users. The users liked the old app, and many interviewees said they wouldn't change it - but wished they could do more with it. 


The process

So how do we make a new app that answers all the client needs, looks great, and doesn’t disappoint current users? 
We listened, we collaborated, we talked (a lot), we kept an open mind, and we tried, and tried again. 
The first stage included user interviews, workshops with members from different departments in the bank, user journeys, and presentations to stakeholders. 
Simultaneously, we conducted extensive research that included a review of competitors and related financial services from around the world, and visual inspiration. We also used data about the current app and web usage.
After we had a solid strategy, the UX team created a detailed wireframes proposal, and when that was approved, we finally started sketching.

Look & Feel

We came up with 3 designed proposals. after a few iterations, we landed on one chosen version, that represented the general visual approach, and provided the initial design system.

Detailed design

With that, we dove into detailed design, microcopy, animations, transitions, and inner flows. At that point, we handed off the designs to the bank's studio. I joined their team and helped develop the full design system and screens

Personal, local, delightful 

For the final design, we chose to use the brand's main assets: the diamond shape, derived from the logo, the updated font, and the basic palette of red and white.
To those, we added 2 kinds of illustrations; monochromatic typical Israeli landscapes, used as a  background image, and vector illustrated figures as a sportive visual asset. 
We also created transitions and micro animations, meant to help usability and to create a smooth, delightful experience.

Launch and updated 

4 different engineering teams worked on this project, for more than a year. The app was first launched in 2020, and it has since then evolved and changed, and a few new features were added - in order to fit the user's changing needs. 

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